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As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no-one can work. John 9:4

Mup (2008)
Active Minister

Mup, a Degar Vietnamese Christian preacher, was found beaten to death on 26 August 2008 outside his village of Ploi Rong Khong in the province of Gia Lai. Mup had been summoned three times by the Vietnamese security police to their headquarters in order to be interrogated regarding his religious activities, but he refused to go as he feared that he might be beaten, tortured, detained or murdered as many other Degar Christians had been. On 25 August he was on his way home after attending a funeral when he was approached by Vietnamese officials. The following morning his body was found.

Christians in the minority-ethnic Degar community, who live in the central highlands, face intense persecution at the hands of the authorities. A Degar report said, “They just kill our people any time they want to, like we are just animals for them to slaughter even for fun.”

O God, the God of all goodness and of all grace, who is worthy of a greater love than we can either give or understand, fill our hearts, we beseech you, with such love towards you, that nothing may seem too hard for us to do or suffer in obedience to your will; and grant that thus loving you we may become daily more like unto you and finally obtain the crown of life, which you have promised to those that love you; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Farnham Hostel Manual (19th century)