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The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name. Acts 5:41

Pak Eehum (1943)
“How am I worthy?”

Pak Eehum, a Chinese Christian, was among those who secretly met with Pastor Choo Ki-Chul (see April 13) in 1939 and promised to work for the abolition of shrine worship “to the end, even if it meant death”. Eehum was harassed by the police but continued to preach against shrine worship. He was finally captured by the police in North China in 1940. When Eehum was tortured – bamboo splints were driven under his finger nails – he would cry, “Hallelujah to the Name of the Lord” and “How am I worthy?”

He was brought to trial on 3 February 1942 and sentenced to twelve years hard labour. Eehum’s health suffered whilst serving this sentence in prison and he died some time in 1943 in the Mukden jail.

O Lord who hast promised a blessing for all who suffer for righteousness’ sake: Grant to all our brethren persecuted for the truth that they may rejoice in being counted worthy to suffer dishonour for thy name.

Strengthen their faith and renew their love, that in their patience they may possess their souls and win their persecutors to penitence and new brotherhood in thee, for the sake of him who suffered shame and reproach and remained invincible in his love, even thy redeeming Son, Christ our Lord.

In His Name (no. 224)